Who is AiR-Atman in Ravi?

Ravi Melwani , also known as AiR Atman in Ravi has been harassing, molesting and exploiting woman since over a decade and has been managing to evade the authorities and the limelight , until now.

After having received multiple emails from victims and journalists regarding Ravi Melwani and his predatory acts, we finally decided to investigate and look under the rug. What we found and came across was not only shocking and jaw dropping, but also something that’ll make you think twice before working with a male colleague or boss if you’re a woman. Being a woman myself, it has changed my perspective towards a lot of things and makes me raise a question to all woman, WHY ARE WE SILENT?

Its time to expose monsters and sexual predators like Ravi Melwani and make them realise they cannot get away with any of it, its high time we sabotage their malicious intentions and plans and bring to light each and every thing animals like him have ever said , done or even thought of doing.

Upon researching we happened to retrieve the archive of one of the links he had somehow managed to get rid off –

A journalist on twitter was also brave enough to share her story and experience with the world, but yet no action was taken, it went unnoticed and the predator on the loose continues to molest, harass and exploit woman.

And thats Ravi Melwani with his vicitms –

I am extremely confident he has a long list of woman he has harassed, woman who are scared, who are afraid to come out in the open and expose him, but thats exactly what encourages him to continue pursuing his monstrous and predatory activities and the more woman are scared of exposing him, the more hes going to prey on innocent woman who have no idea about his intentions, Ravi Melwani needs to be brought to justice which is why i urge everyone to share if at all theyve experienced anything with Ravi Melwani or RVM Foundation. He needs to be investigated and apprehended by the authorities.

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