She Was Only 12: The Case of the Rapist Daniel Keller LUMA Capital

daniel keller luma capital

Aimee, a victim of rape, had accused Daniel Keller LUMA Capital, of sexually assaulting her when she was only 12 years old. According to her tweets, when she ran away from home, Keller molested her younger sister as well. 

Aimee also claims that Denial Keller is part of Jeffrey Epstein’s circle, the billionaire who was recently arrested on charges of sex trafficking.

daniel keller luma capital

Concerns about the case have been made over the lack of steps taken by the authorities to put an end to Epstein’s alleged sexual offenses. Since Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire, was arrested on July 6 on accusations of sex trafficking, the media has been attempting to comprehend what happened on Little St. James, a 70-acre private island owned by Epstein.

Yet, residents of the nearby island of St. Thomas assert that Epstein continued to bring youngsters to the island up until this year, ten years after being told to register as a convicted sex offender, and that no action was taken by the authorities to stop him.

History of Daniel Keller LUMA Capital

Daniel Keller, a resident of Naples, Florida, began his accounting career in Switzerland as a partner with a US firm specializing in international tax for businesspeople and affluent families. He shifted gears and took a break to earn his MBA at the University of Chicago.

He has invested in various industries and asset classes, which has given him the capacity to understand the difficulties business owners face as they grow and develop their companies. Daniel Keller founded the investment advising firm in 1999, with its main office in Naples, Florida. He had founded his own business, LUMA Capital, by 2001.

Yet, after hearing such a fancy backstory, anyone would be a fool to ignore Daniel Keller LUMA Capital’s true identity, who engaged in sex trafficking and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old.

daniel keller luma capital

Daniel Keller Luma Capital’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein’s network

Employees who worked at the local airstrip on St. Thomas claim that they witnessed Epstein, including Daniel Keller LUMA Capital boarding his private plane with girls who appeared to be under the age of consent. 

The girls arrived with Epstein on one of his two Gulfstream jets, which were airborne at least once every three days between January 2018 and June 2019, according to previously published flight records. The planes stopped worldwide, sometimes for only a few hours at a time.

daniel keller luma capital

A former air traffic controller who worked at the airstrip saw Epstein exit his helicopter, stand on the tarmac in full view, and board his private jet with young girls, whom he described as “female children.” 

He also recalled one incident where Epstein looked very angry and threw his jacket at one of the girls who couldn’t have been over 16. The girls were carrying shopping bags from stores not on the island, and the employee wondered where they had been shopping.

Clearly, Daniel Keller Luma Capital’s involvement in this circle would be alarming.

Solid evidence of the Sex Trafficking by Daniel Keller LUMA Capital & Jeffrey Epstein 

Another employee at the airstrip said that Epstein would land at St. Thomas twice a month on average, and there would be girls that looked like they could be in high school, wearing college sweatshirts.

He added that Epstein would be dressed in a tracksuit, but the girls would carry shopping bags from designer labels like Gucci and Dior. Both employees claimed that they and their coworkers joked about how many kids were on board Epstein’s plane. Still, they also expressed disgust at the fact that a convicted sex offender could move around so openly in the era of MeToo.

Despite Epstein being listed on the island’s registry of sex offenders, local authorities did nothing to investigate his repeated trips with young girls, let alone intervene. 

Chief William Harvey of the Virgin Islands police department claimed he did not know who Epstein was and was unaware of any investigation into him. Samuel Sanes, a former senator for the Virgin Islands, also claimed that he was unaware of any special precautions law enforcement took to track Epstein’s movements.


Epstein’s lawyers have denied any illegal involvement with underage women. Still, witnesses on the island who saw him with young girls remain shocked that a convicted pedophile could continue to travel to and from the United States accompanied by them.

The case of Daniel Keller LUMA Capital and Aimee’s accusations has added to the concerns about the lack of action authorities took to protect minors from sexual abuse.

It is a reminder of the importance of holding offenders accountable and ensuring that victims are heard, and justice is served.

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