Dentzz Dental Delhi – Watch out for these Scam Artists


A dental company thats been successfully hiding the truth and have been trying their level best to get away with all their shady activities and malpractices needs to be exposed. When one of my friends recently had a miserable and terrible experience at their center in New Delhi, thats when i started to look them up online and find out more about them, all i could find was breadcrumbs and dead ends. It took me a week to unearth everything negative theyve been to trying to keep under the wraps for so many years. I will be compiling all the evidences and content that exposes them completely in this article.

Have a look at the videos uploaded by one of their victims –

It doesnt end here, infact this isn’t even the beginning.

Have a look at this article as well –

I came across so many negative reviews on so many platforms that their PR and digital teams have managed to bury with fake positive reviews and news stories.

Another shocking experience –

I have been cheated by Dentzz. I have been traumatized with the whole experience and now want Dentzz to refund my money. If this is not done I would want to proceed legally against Dentzz and filing a case in the consumer court would be my first step.

I am sending you my version what had occurred during my treatments with Dentzz. I was quoted 12, 630(USD) for a full mouth rehabilitation which is supposed to include all 28 teeth and Laser gum surgery.

Here is a list of what they did.

  • Full mouth x-ray upper and lower
  • Impressions upper and lower
  • Installed 20 new crowns for the smile teeth

Here is what they did incorrectly:

One good tooth on the lower right jaw was extracted and it should not have been according to Dr. Sonam.

During the procedure bridge fixed on the implant got loose(lower right jaw) was rendered loose during work being done to adjacent teeth according to Dr. Sonam. They did not reinstall the bridge implant. They refused and requested more money. As a result there is a void(hole) in my gum.

Continue Reading – https://grahaksevacomplaintsreviews.com/tag/dentzz-dental-fraud/

A company that not only needs to be exposed, but also needs to investigated, boycotted and banned continues to conduct business and make money off of patients blind trust on them. Just by adding fake positive reviews on the internet and hiring a PR company to plant fake positive news stories isnt going to help them in getting away from the crimes they’ve been committing.

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