Luca Castellini – Beware of this Shady Scammer

Luca Castellini is the owner and operator of two businesses: Grow Your Ecommerce and Grow Your Customers. Although he asks money to be wired to a Well Fargo account under the name, LA Ventures LLC. He is conversant in “ecommerce” lingo and tells a compelling story for how he can help businesses get more clients or help you set up profitable online stores.

Luca lures business owners with his Grow Your Customers business. He then quickly says he can’t help you there, and pivots to his Ecommerce business. He claims to have opened 100 online stores with Amazon, Walmart, Facebook and Shopify. He says that most stores make $5,000 in the second month and grow from there. He claims that his most profitable store makes $425,000 a month. He claims that his least profitable store only earned $25,000 in one year. The reason was because the person did not pay for advertising or inventory. He claims that the only time you have to pay for inventory is after the product is sold. This claim is what convinces many people to sign up with him. If you have a credit card with a high credit limit, you can theoretically sell as much product as your credit limit allows.

Luca charges an upfront fee to set up your stores. He insists that the stores will be profitable in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is likely a Ponzi scheme as Luca never creates the stores and has endless excuses for why stores are not up and running. I purchased 3 stores with Luca. He opened one on Amazon that was deactivated for violating Amazon’s seller policies. He was supposed to open a Walmart store in place of Amazon, but that never materialized. He was supposed to open a Facebook store but that never happened. He opened a Shopify store, but did not scale and has many customer complaints. It’s been 8 months, and I have lost money on top of the initial investment.

Luca Castellini has almost no online presence except this LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luca-castellini/

This is him. If this is the person that you’re considering investing in, PLEASE be warned.

Luca Castellini also works with three other people who have absolutely zero online presence: Larry Turner who says he’s from Ohio. Nick Hudson who I suspect is someone oversees with an American pseudonym. Ruby Grewal one of his sales associates for the Grow Your Ecommerce scam.

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