CEO of British Gas, Bert Pijls Sacked after being Called Out on Twitter.

CEO of British Gas, Bert Pijls Sacked after being Called Out on Twitter
CEO of British Gas, Bert Pijls Sacked after being Called Out on Twitter

The executive at British Gas, Bert Pijls, who was in charge of the disastrous Twitter Q&A that the company held two months ago has decided to leave the company and move back to the Netherlands, the energy group announced yesterday.

Bert Pijls
CEO Bert Pijls

The decision to resign was made by Bert Pijls, who was the managing director of customer services for British Gas. His team had been restructured, and another role that had been offered to him did not “match his ambitions.”

A spokesperson for British Gas stated the following yesterday: “We are sorry to be losing Bert Pijls, who has shown great determination and commitment during his time with British Gas. We will miss him.”

“We thank Bert for all of his hard work and leadership, and we wish him the best of luck for the future.” “This was a difficult decision for Bert to make, and we wish him the very best for the future.”

Shortly after British Gas announced an increase of 10.4% in electricity bills and an increase of 8.4% in gas prices in October, Pijls presided over a question and answer session on Twitter. The session took place on Twitter.

Following the receipt of 16,000 irate comments from customers who were dissatisfied with the price increases, the company issued an apology to its customers.

Egg Banking was Pijls’ previous occupation before he joined the company in March of 2012.

It is speculated that he intends to relocate to the Netherlands and take a break there for a while.

So, Who is Bert Pijls?

Bert Pijls has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Calisen, a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets, since the year 2017. In this role, he is responsible for the overall strategic and commercial direction of the company. Prior to joining Calvin Capital, Bert served as the CEO of Calvin Capital. He received his education from Nyenrode University of Applied Business.

Bert was the one who spearheaded the company’s acquisition of Lowri Beck, which is based in Wigan. The goal of the acquisition was to create an end-to-end market offering that would include the installation, servicing, managing, and funding of domestic metres and would be accessible to all energy suppliers as well as new market entrants.

bert pijls

Bert led the charge on this acquisition. This will serve as a platform for the future funding, deployment, and management of a wider variety of digital energy assets, such as infrastructure for EV charging and battery storage for electric vehicles.

Prior to joining Calisen, Bert Pijls held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Hellenic Bank Plc, a preeminent financial institution located in Cyprus. It was the European Single Supervisory Mechanism that gave him the distinction of being the first CEO of any bank to receive approval.

During this time, he also served as Chairman of Hellenic Alico Life Insurance, the life insurance company of Hellenic Group that was established in 2000 as a result of a strategic partnership between MetLife Alico and Hellenic Bank, and as Chairman of Pancyprian Insurance, the general insurance company of Hellenic Group that became a part of the business in 1999.

Both of these positions were created through the strategic partnership between MetLife Alico and Hellenic Bank. Bert Pijls began his professional life working in the financial services industry, specifically at Citigroup, where he held a variety of positions over the course of his career.

Among these were serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Egg Banking Plc, one of the first digital banks in the United Kingdom, and later as the Country Manager for the Czech Republic, where he was responsible for turning around the consumer franchise business to deliver high double-digit revenue growth.

In addition, Bert worked for Citigroup for a decade, during which time he held positions in Germany, Belgium, and the United States. In 1999, Bert was given the position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning, at the fledgling internet financial services company Moneyunion Inc., which was based in New York.

Bert has experience working in the energy industry as the Managing Director of Customer Service and Commercial for British Gas/Centrica, in addition to his work in the financial services industry.

Bert Pijls attended Nijenrode University in the Netherlands to earn his Bachelor’s degree. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, which is located in the United States.


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