CSI Relief Rick Guy Thompson; Julie D. Freeman; Harry Marshall Aston Scam, Ripoff, Liars, Cheaters, Scam Artist, Multilevel marketing Thieves in The city of Mckinney, Texas- A Letter by One of the Partners

CSI Relief
CSI Relief

In the early summer of 2012, Rick Thompson, I, and a silent partner formed CSI as an LLC.

After returning to Dallas in August 2012 and reconciling with his ex-wife, Julie D. Freeman, Rick approached me about starting a new company. Rick changed the partnership agreement from one-third ownership for each of the three founding partners to a redistribution where he would own 75%, the second person would own 25%, and the third partner, who had a large investment and one-third ownership, would be completely ignored.

The hosts of CSI’s Thursday night update conference calls, Rick Guy Thompson and the IT administrator Harry Aston, frequently assured everyone that the paid module was almost complete and would go live the following week. However, the upcoming week never happened.

Based on what these two men said, hundreds of people joined CSI because they believed what they had heard.

Rick gave the IT administrator the order to completely block my access to the CSI system after I refused to accept the new partnership agreement and questioned the existence of the third partners’ rights (Sept 7, 2012). I’ve asked Harry Aston, the IT administrator, as well as Rick several times to reactivate my access, but neither of them has ever done so.

Rick Thompson has received numerous requests from me for all financial data so that we can complete a profit report and close the LLC in accordance with the law. Additionally, he declines to do this. At the same time, Rick was taking significant cash withdrawals from the CSI’s business account that were frequently unapproved, unreasonable, unjustified, and now undocumented.

Harry Aston shut down the CSI website while Rick Thompson and Harry Aston launched

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, Harry Aston shut down the CSI website while Rick Thompson and Harry Aston launched a new website called www.IBOproducts.com using Chuck Deagan’s website design and some of his terminology (Distributor who was instrumental with CSIs graphics and wording).

IBOproducts.com turned out to be the original CSI website that had been changed for Rick and Harry’s new business. Many CSI distributors mistook Harry Aston’s text message that evening, telling them to join the Thursday night conference call, for the customary CSI update call. HARRY ASTON, JULIE D. FREEMAN, AND RICK THOMPSON INTEND TO DO THE SAME WITH IBOProducts.com!

During this phone call, Rick announced that it was NOT a CSI update call. It was, however, a solicitation phone call by Rick Thompson and Harry Aston to introduce and entice current CSI associates to www.iboproducts.com.

Unfortunately for me, I had placed all of my savings in CSI as well as opened a banking merchant account in my name and with my credit. I was never able to get my father (Rick Thompson) to sign all of the paperwork and order company checks. Instead, he was transferring up to $10,000 at a time from his CSIs bank account to his Texas account.

I had to reopen this account after freezing it because distributors were owed commissions. When he saw the account had been re-opened, he immediately drained it, leaving me with only $1400 while soliciting people to request $1000 refunds.

When I asked him how I was supposed to handle this, he said he didn’t know. He was transporting the money from Texas. The product that was shipped in bulk looked different than the product that was sent as samples. When the distributors began using this version of Relief, they discovered that it did not work as well as the original samples.

When associates began complaining about the product’s ineffectiveness, Rick advised them to contact me for a refund, despite the fact that he had told some people that I was no longer involved in day-to-day operations. Obviously, because Rick Thompson had taken almost all of the money from the account, I was faced with tens of thousands of dollars in refunds for the subpar product that he had shipped.

I felt victimized and awful, but it made me feel even worse knowing that so many others had also been victimized. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I became angry that I had allowed Rick Thompson, my biological father, who had abandoned my mother with four small children to raise with no child support, to scam me, my friends, my family, and others whom neither he nor I knew. I decided that I could either feel victimized and humiliated, or I could work to make things better. I chose to focus on the positive. SAME WITH IBOProducts.com!!!!

I contacted the original manufacturer of the original Relief, the product we agreed to promote and that was supposed to be included in our Founders packs. I’ve also lined up investment partners, and we’ll soon have a great working product.

This is the product we should have had months ago if Rick Thompson had been truthful and dedicated to CSI. I’m thrilled to report that we’ve tested samples of the anti-inflammatory product in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, and Tennessee, and it works even better than we could have hoped. Over 95% of those who have tried it have reported fantastic results.

We are currently in production and expect to ship around the second week of November. You will receive this product free of charge if you purchased the Relief product from CSI and did not request or receive a refund.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been encouraging and patient with me. I assure you that I am doing everything in my power to recreate the company that we envisioned but had to abandon. We will keep you updated on a regular basis and look forward to hearing success stories with this incredible product.

You have the ability and responsibility to shape your own future.

Because if you don’t, somebody else will.


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