Drugs and a Loaded Revolver were found during an Ajax Traffic Stop. March 21 2023

Drugs and a Loaded Revolver
Drugs and a Loaded Revolver
Drugs and Loaded Revolver

A loaded revolver along with drugs was taken into custody by the Ajax police after the driver was stopped for a traffic violation on Tuesday afternoon.

During the incident that occurred on April 9 at approximately 1 p.m. in the vicinity of Ritchie Avenue and Pembry Drive, authorities found and confiscated cocaine, heroin, and cash with a combined value of approximately $2,000.

The driver was taken into custody after an officer spotted a revolver during the traffic stop, according to the Durham Police Department.

Bavijon Thavanathan, 20, from Toronto, has been charged with offences relating to drugs and weapons.

According to the police, the street value of the drugs that were confiscated is approximately $15,000.

History of drugs in Peterborough (England)

The introduction of new drugs like cocaine and heroin occurred in the 19th century. After being discovered in 1855, cocaine swiftly gained acceptance as a stimulant and painkiller. When heroin was first produced from morphine in 1874, it was advertised as a non-addictive alternative to morphine. However, it soon became clear that heroin became extremely addictive and had negative side effects.

Drug use became connected with criminal activities in the early twentieth century, and the government moved to restrict drug distribution. The government was given the authority to regulate the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals during a war by the 1916 Defense of the Realm Act. During the war, the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920 came into effect, outlawing the possession and sale of a number of substances, including cocaine and heroin.

Drug abuse increased both in Peterborough and across the UK in the 1960s. Cannabis and LSD usage became widespread among young people, and individuals who supported this counter-culture trend were referred to as “hippies”. Amphetamine use commonly referred to as “speed,” was widespread.

During the 1980s, Peterborough and other cities in the UK had a lot of trouble with heroin. The deterioration of the manufacturing sector and rising unemployment rates were factors in the growth in heroin use. Heroin was cheap and widely available, and it was frequently used by those who were struggling to cope with the economic and social strains of the time.

Drug use is still a serious issue in Peterborough today. Cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drug use are still widely used, and local law enforcement is very concerned about drug-related crime. Yet, there are also initiatives to treat the underlying factors that contribute to drug addiction, such as deprivation, social exclusion, and mental health problems.

In conclusion, Peterborough has a lengthy and complicated drug history. The city has experienced a variety of drug-related behaviors over the course of its history, from the use of conventional herbal treatments to the rise of contemporary pharmaceuticals. While drug abuse is still a major concern in Peterborough today, there are also initiatives to address the root causes of addiction and drug-related criminality.

Charges Against the Ajax Man for Carrying Drugs and Handgun

Ajax resident Kirkland Williams, 25, was detained and charged with the following crimes:

  • Three counts of possession of a Schedule 1 substance with the intent to traffic those substances
  • Possession of property obtained through criminal activity that is valued at less than $5,000
  • Possession of a weapon for the purpose of endangering others
  • Unlicensed possession of a firearm or other weapon
  • Possession of a firearm or ammunition that is either illegal or subject to certain restrictions
  • Being a passenger in a motor vehicle while being aware that a firearm is present is illegal.
  • storing a firearm, weapon, prohibited device, or ammunition in a careless manner
  • Carrying a weapon under one’s clothing
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm that is either restricted or prohibited from possession.
  • Infractions relating to a failure to comply with recognizance

The suspect was arrested and is due to make an appearance in court in Peterborough on Friday. He is currently being held in custody.


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