Eric Nuttall – sensational oil and gas fund manager of the decade

eric nuttall

A Little information on Eric Nuttall

Let’s travel to that location and have a conversation about Eric Nuttall, the man of the hour. The last man standing when it comes to the active management of energy funds. People have asked me to discuss Eric Nuttall, but I haven’t done so yet because I don’t believe he’s mature enough for the topic. Because I didn’t want to make the situation any worse, I won’t mention the fact that his fund is down 75% for the year. The compound annual growth rate over that period is -32.64%.

For weeks, I debated whether or not I should put off writing until a more favorable time. But I’m expected to help other people, and I struggle to come across as assertive, so here we are. Unexpectedly, I communicated with Eric Nuttall via email in the year 2004. At that time, he had only recently begun his employment with Eric Sprott. After reading that Nuttall had a favorable opinion of a speculative Venture company, I was interested in having a conversation with him about the topic. If you can believe it, Nuttall used to be a generalist back in the day.

We did engage in conversation for a short while. I proposed to Nuttall that we get together to discuss our thoughts, but he didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the idea. And I get it: Sprott was quite well-known back in those days. On Bay Street, Eric Sprott held the position of most influential person. I used to work for a business that was not nearly as well-known as it is now.

Therefore, Nuttall made a significant amount of money as a result of Sprott going public. I’ve been told that he made ten million dollars last year. I’ve heard that he’s remodeling a nice house that’s worth several millions of dollars right now.

Those shirts with the collars lopped off completely can’t be sold at a low price, can they? I am aware that they are not offered for sale at Uniqlo. Many individuals are emphasizing that this predicament is not equitable. After he discussed the process by which insiders purchase energy stocks a few weeks ago, I decided to ask him on Twitter how much of his own fund was comprised of investments made by insiders. This is what we had to say:

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