Blacklands Finance Limited
Blacklands Finance Limited

Internet trading platform offered by Blacklands Finance Limited – Important Information

Blacklands Finance Limited

Blacklands Finance Limited’s online trading platform allows investors to trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on a wide range of underlying assets, such as stocks, indices, and foreign exchange.

It is stated on the homepage that the company provides its customers with excellent trading conditions, high liquidity, low spreads, and that they will deliver a super efficient service with a strong focus on fast execution.

Additionally, it is stated that Blacklands Finance Limited has always been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge technology and that the company strives to stay ahead of industry trends by utilising the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of its traders.

The website advertises that it provides an in-house live customer support trading desk in a number of languages, the service that is most customer-centric in the industry, and that it is dedicated to customer success by producing transparent trading conditions for every investor.\

CFD trading is fraught with high levels of risk.

Investments that take the form of contracts for difference are examples of investments that are subject to extremely high levels of risk.

There is a possibility of suffering a complete loss while trading with Blacklands Finance Limited.

When making investments in the form of contracts for difference, the investor only has a stake in the price movement of an underlying asset, which is also a factor in determining the price of the contract for difference. On the other hand, the investor does not get any rights to the underlying asset when they make this investment.

The only thing that needs to be provided is a margin, which only represents a small portion of the respective trade, so that there can be an effect of leverage. In particular, there is the risk that price fluctuations within a very short period of time could lead to insufficient security, which would then force CFD positions to be closed out. This risk is compounded by the fact that price fluctuations occur so frequently.

High dangers involved in forex trading

Trading in forex, also known as trading in currencies or foreign exchange, is a highly speculative activity that comes with high levels of risk. It is possible that the value of one currency will increase or decrease relative to another currency, and this is a topic of speculation. Additionally, derivatives are traded, which means that a margin must once again be deposited. This results in a leverage effect, which carries with it the associated risks.

Warnings of a general nature from BaFin

In terms of trading platforms, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has issued a warning for some time now that investors are being approached by a large number of trading platforms like Blacklands Finance Limited that do not have permission from BaFin or any other supervisory authority. This warning is in reference to the fact that investors are being approached by trading platforms that do not have permission from BaFin.

According to our best knowledge, neither Blacklands Finance Limited nor its operating company is in possession of a licence issued by BaFin.

Investing Opportunities Available with Blacklands Finance Limited

Our law firm has already represented a number of aggrieved investors on various trading platforms, as we have previously reported. These investors invest in foreign exchange (Forex), contracts for difference (CFDs), and binary options via trading platforms.

  • The unprocessed materials,
    shares, indices, currencies, and cryptocurrencies all fall under this category, have engaged in business.

Our opinion is that this constitutes proprietary trading in accordance with the provisions of section 1 (1a) sentence 2 no. 4 lit. c of the KWG whenever investments in contracts for difference (CFDs) and forex contracts are made available to customers.

blacklands finance limited

If Blacklands Finance Limited or its operating company offers investments to investors without BaFin’s permission, claims for damages can be made under section 823 paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code in conjunction with section 32 (1) of the German Securities and Exchange Act. Previous court decisions have held that if an unlicensed business is operated, not only the company that operates it, but also the individuals responsible for it, may be held liable for any resulting damages.

Already, the law firm Engelhard, Busch & Partner is providing assistance to some investors who have been harmed as a result of their involvement in investments conducted through online trading platforms.

If you are an investor who has lost money as a result of using the online trading platform blacklandsfin.com and are interested in learning more about your legal options, you are welcome to get in touch with the law firm Engelhard, Busch & Partner. The attorneys there can help you determine which claims are appropriate for you given the specific circumstances of your situation.

Investors who have invested in the Blacklands Finance Limited internet trading platform and have suffered losses or have not received credit and want to know their legal options are encouraged to contact the law firm Engelhard, Busch & Partner to determine which claims may be justified in their specific case.


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