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First Swiss Finance
First Swiss Finance

First Swiss Finance, based in Geneva, Switzerland, provides wealth management and international finance and banking services to US customers. First Swiss Finance promotes a strong company culture to investors and clients.

A company or individual joining the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Program must promise to “do whatever it takes to make things right with their customers” in writing. What does that imply? Ripoff Report expects our Corporate Advocacy Program to promptly review and respond to all customer complaints. It means every complaint will be taken seriously and every customer treated fairly and respectfully. It means the company will work with customers to resolve issues.

It means that if a customer requests a refund for a reasonable reason, we expect a prompt refund (some refund requests may not be reasonable, so this does not mean a refund is guaranteed in every case). “Making things right” can mean different things to different people, but Ripoff Report can track customer service footprints by working closely with the company or individual to resolve disputes to ensure that our Corporate Advocacy Program members are treating customers fairly and increasing customer satisfaction.

First Swiss Finance contacted Ripoff Report to resolve customer complaints.

As part of the Corporate Advocacy Program, the member business allows Ripoff Report to email past complainants, letting them know the business wants to make things right. Ripoff Report always checks these emails to ensure member businesses follow through. First Swiss Finance did.

The member business allows Ripoff Report to send an email to all past complainants as part of the Corporate Advocacy Program, letting them know the business wants to make things right. To ensure member businesses follow through, Ripoff Report monitors these emails. That’s what First Swiss Finance did.

First Swiss Finance Continues to Define their Brand and Services

First Swiss Finance was a small family wealth management office founded in 1974 by British financier David Terry and former UBS banking executive Jason Michael in Geneva, Switzerland. 28 financial and investment professionals joined the office in 30 years. With 7 fiduciary excellence awards and 86 high-net-worth clients, FSF leads global capital and finance.

First Swiss Finance

Why First Swiss Finance beats their competitors

International financial relations are nurtured. Access to mature relationships. Compassion, friendship, and honest communication are needed. We maintain “inner circle” relationships and leverage because we know wealth is based on human experiences, unlike other banks and wealth management companies’ international finance departments.

First Swiss Finance- Managing Director Statements

First Swiss Capital is dedicated to honesty and professionalism in our client relationships. We want to understand your financial situation and give you the best information, services, and products to help you reach your goals.”

First Swiss Finance provides top-notch service. First Swiss Capital has 7 fiduciary awards and 86 High Wealth Clients.

We collaborate with each client to define their capital and financial growth goals and create a long-term strategy. First Swiss Capital has also worked with multinational companies like TESCO EU, Xerox, Adidas Group, Chinese Retail Liaison, and CPBF International.

Stronger than ever through Diversity

Our competitors’ key differentiator is the breadth of our services. First Swiss Capital focuses on the entire spectrum of financial opportunities for our customers, including but not limited to:

Stock Exchange and Investment

Our team will assist you in making wise investments and managing your portfolio on the stock exchange.

Business Advisory

It is critical to ensure the growth of your portfolio companies. We follow a look-don’t-listen policy to assist you in entering an invested company or activity and ensuring it is adhering to standard and fundamental growth procedures.

Tax and Accounting Services

International accounting is a distinctively structured model intended for expansion and reinvestment. We will guide you through murky but advantageous waters because we have accounting knowledge in over 38 countries.

Global Impact

Offshore bank accounts and Swiss bank accounts are probably familiar to you. You may have heard that there is a lot of money to be made in these foreign bank investments. But what makes these esoteric banking opportunities so unique?

An international bank is a financial institution that provides financial services to foreign clients such as payment accounts and lending opportunities. These foreign clients can be individuals or businesses, but each international bank has its policies governing who they do business with. This is what we plan.

Global Impact

According to OCRA Worldwide, an organization that connects people and businesses to international banking, international banks tend to serve businesses and fairly wealthy individuals, i.e., people with Middle-ClassClass wealth. However, many international banks, particularly Swiss banks, welcome customers of all income levels, which is why we are here.


As previously stated, First Swiss Finance is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and has made every effort to ensure that all customers have a positive experience while visiting their establishment.

After speaking with management at First Swiss Finance and emailing anyone who had previously filed a complaint, Ripoff Report is pleased to award First Swiss Finance a positive rating. First, Swiss Finance made efforts to ensure that all customers were satisfied, and the company’s owner, CEO, or Managing Member assured Ripoff Report that the company has an improved business model that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

How does a company get started? Verified Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report is permitted by the member business to email everyone from the past. Those who file a valid complaint in response to Ripoff’s report must be taken care of. They have promised to make things right within 14 days if anyone contacts Ripoff Report in the future. The member company should err on the side of the customer. Otherwise, the member company is removed from the programme.

First Swiss Finance has been determined to meet Ripoff Report VerifiedTM standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Members of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction programme are charged a fee for our on-site review, 24-hour monitoring, and assistance with customer disputes.

Ripoff Report sends a third-party service to inspect the new member business on-site. The on-site inspection/review does not imply that Ripoff Report has evaluated or endorsed the business’s products or services, and no decision has been made regarding the business’s product quality or competency in performing services.

We can confirm that Ripoff Report went to the business and verified their business or “work from home business,” and that if a customer is not treated correctly in the future, Ripoff Report can get the problem resolved. If not, and the customer is correct, the member company will be removed from the Corporate Advocacy Program. Remember, Ripoff Report emailed every previous customer who filed a complaint to ensure the member business made things right with previous customers. Again, they should err on the side of their customers, both past and future.

When doing business with First Swiss Finance, customers can feel safe, confident, and secure.

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