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Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

While claiming to have an ISO 9001:2008 certification, Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd has demonstrated through its offers that they are in violation of such standards and are behaving in a similar way to other scammers by breaking those standards.

An ISO accreditation speaks nothing about the quality of its products and services. An ISO certification simply documents that a corporation has documented its internal process flow so that each case can be easily traced.

The website of Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. does not comply with ISO:

  • Attempt selling with spam emails- I received an E-Mail from Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. yesterday with campaign offers. I have never signed up to receive emails from them. For this purpose, the email is nothing more than SPAM.
  • If a customer must pay before receiving a demonstration, Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has very clearly documented in their offer found in the attached pdf document jpeg to doc pdf.pdf that the call center must pay the business fee “2. The legal agreement process begins immediately after your fee amount has been deposited, and the agreement is couriered out to you for your signature.” before the center knows what it will receive “3. “You will receive the demonstration and training package within 24 hours of depositing your fee.”

This is a violation of all international business laws, as a demonstration must be FREE OF CHARGE. Only extremely ignorant individuals will accept such a regulation. They like to sell something, and for this, they cannot make money with a demonstration.

  • Users must first sign a certificate of satisfaction before beginning the work. In this scenario, a certificate of satisfaction for the training can be certified only if the work and quality of the given photographs do not differ from those provided during the training. A certificate of satisfaction for the project can only be granted once both parties have fulfilled their obligations under the contract. If they are indeed ISO certified, the certification is worth less than the paper on which it was printed!

Why is Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offering nothing more than a SCAM

Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a scam in the following manner-

  • With their supplied processes and the necessary business fee, they confirm that they have no contract with their client and, as a result, cannot give you any guarantees that you will receive the job and be paid- which is a complete hoax on Josoft Technologies’ part.
  • Fraudsters want to make things more difficult for the police by utilizing graphics and misleading profile photographs. They do not want to be associated with a manhunt.
  • Scammers use privacy protection services to conceal the information in their domain registration.
  • At Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. each work that requires payment to obtain it is a SCAM in Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They are untrustworthy because they violate ISO certification criteria and international business rules.  It precludes any businessperson from being trustworthy.
  • The fact that one has to pay for the work before he even knows how it works verifies the SCAM.
  • The second SCAM is that you must provide a certificate of satisfaction before you can be sure that the work does not depart from the training, yet another hoax on the company’s (Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) part.
  • Look into the following scams: Book Typing, Proof Reading, All Kinds of Form Completion, and HTML Tagging. There is a statement of why you will not be compensated for their accuracy process. They have described it in their offer jpg to doc pdf.pdf. Giving the same task to multiple persons and comparing the results is a popular method for achieving high accuracy. The issue is that this method is quite costly for the client, and the client will not pay the sum for the task. The client wants to save money by going offshore.
  • According to their blog, “our methods are designed to ensure 100% accuracy, and to complete every project on time and within the project’s budget parameters.” You now understand how they achieve 100% accuracy while staying within their budget. Just 98% accuracy is feasible with OCR reading.
  • Documents are scanned and stored as binary documents in databases in Europe and the United States. Each scan generates tags that allow it to be easily found again. These tags serve the same purpose as the popular tag cloud found on blogs. The main difference is that the document is linked to the customer, supplier, and business case data that are engaged in locating the original document. Users will not be able to access this system due to security concerns and data protection laws in “rich” nations.
  • The project 5 PC Health Insurance project.pdf and 10 PC Health Insurance project.pdf have the same legal position. Companies in Europe and the United States are even prohibited by law from providing you with such information.
  • The image in the Form Filling Offline Data Entry Typing Project video is written in an OCR character set. There are OCR readers for less than $1000 and software for less than $500 on the market access, which can turn such images into text with an accuracy of 98% and faster than you can type. In such a circumstance, why should the client pay you for manual labor?
  • Image Captcha Online.pdf- Such captchas, as shown in the screenshot, is often generated with a typeface set and turned into a graphic before being saved. It makes no sense to enter the captcha when the result is already known by creating them.

More information can be found at There are two concerns concerning their company:

client's concerns
Concerns Pertaining to Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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