Keith Raniere (The Sex Sect)- The Documents Presented at the Trial against NXIVM Member

The trial against Kieth Raniere, the leader of the sex sect known as “NXIVM,” lasted for a total of six weeks, and he was found guilty of seven separate criminal offences.

Raniere Trial Begins

The Trial Against Raniere

The trial against Keith Raniere, the leader of the sexual sect known as “NXIVM,” who was found guilty of seven criminal offences, lasted for a total of six weeks. As part of the evidence, the court heard testimonies from victims, listened to audio recordings, and read letters.

The majority of the information that is included in this note was part of the evidence that was presented in Brooklyn Federal Court during the trial of Keith Raniere by the United States government.

Having been found guilty of racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labour, fraud, extortion, child exploitation, identity theft, and child pornography, Keith Raniere faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

This is the story of a series of intertwined stories that were revealed in an unprecedented trial in the United States. “NXVIM” is a successful company that he created and ruined, and this is the story of those stories.

There were a dozen Mexicans involved with the organisation, a defendant and his closest man named Emiliano Salinas Occeli, and the litigation lasted for a total of six weeks. The defendant’s father was the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Other names that stand out are that of Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of the owner of the newspaper Reforma Alejandro Junco, who has the highest number of mentions and is referred to as one of the teachers of the secret group of “sex slaves” called “DOS.

This name has the highest number of mentions. Other names that stand out include: She was significant because she was the owner of the house where the marking ceremonies took place, because she was the one in charge of protecting the incriminating evidence from the other members of the sect, and because she was a woman who was willing to offer her young daughter to Raniere as a sexual slave.

Jack Levy, a businessman with twenty mentions, is referred to as the one who still operates some “NXIVM” companies in Mexico, with a close relationship to Keith Raniere, owner of the house in Puerto Vallarta where the leader of “NXVIM” lived as a fugitive from justice and where a reconciliation orgy was being planned, precisely on the day of his arrest.

The surname Garza, mentioned 53 times, refers to the sisters who accompanied Raniere in his escape, but most notably to Loreta, as the creator of the “Buddie System,” which served to enrol the group of slaves.

Alejandro Betancourt, Salinas’s partner in the Mexico subsidiary, is mentioned 36 times. He is also a member of the board and a close friend of Raniere.

Thus, at least one Mexican was mentioned on 22 of the 25 hearing days; Emiliano Salinas, the company’s licensee in Mexico until April last year and a member of the Executive Board, was mentioned on 11 of them. The name Emiliano appears 84 times in the trial’s shorthand version, and the surname Salinas appears 42 times.

Emiliano Salinas Occeli met Raniere during his time at Harvard, and his fascination with the system of personal development aimed at success, as well as his obvious admiration for him, led him to purchase the licence for ESP courses in Mexico with Alejandro Betancourt. Both quickly rose through the ranks of the organisation and recruited hundreds of people across several cities, with one thing in common: they were all members of high society.

Lauren Salzman, a member of the Council and a partner in the company, testified under oath at the hearing on May 13 about the transfer of a large sum of money from Mexico to Albany, the headquarters city of “NXVIM,” and was questioned by The fiscal:

Were the NXVIM programmes in Mexico tailored to a specific demographic?

Part of the solution is:

“They were well-known for catering to the very wealthy, far more so than any other centre.”

Emiliano was dressed in green, the colour of his rank. Only Raniere and his partner are more important.

In statements made by Salinas following his mentor’s scandals. Although it is claimed that there was no relationship between the parent company in the United States and Mexico, both he and his partner joined the company’s Executive Council globally in 2009.

At the hearing on May 14, the prosecution began to verify the crimes of identity theft, fraud, and extortion: the group closest to Raniere operated a network in which they stole financial and personal information from clients and detractors of “NXVIM,” and through which they extorted hundreds of emails, presented as evidence, from those who intended to speak ill of the organisation or reveal its secrets.

That day, the US government accused Salinas Occelli of being a co-conspirator in those crimes.

It says on page 930:

“One of the email accounts appeared to have been created by Emiliano Salinas, who the government accuses of being a co-conspirator.”

Evidence for these crimes includes dozens of threatening letters and lawsuits filed against detractors, some of which were for the defence of Salinas and Betancourt in Mexico.

The Mexicans filed this lawsuit in August 2017 against former ESP coach Antonio Zarattini. They accuse him of extorting two million dollars in exchange for not disclosing the company’s secrets. Zaratinni was the first Mexican to speak out against unethical behaviour.

Lawyers take the stand in Keith Raniere’s trial.

It was quickly dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

But extortion goes much further for “NXVIM”: delivering compromising material as a voluntary act of loyalty to those in its high sphere became a way to commit this crime. This was referred to as collateral.

The existence of an email sent by a woman demanding that her collateral be returned to her was confirmed in court on May 20. The mail was delivered to Emiliano Salinas.

When “DOS” is devised in unpublished audios of Keith Raniere and women, many of whom are Mexican, the voices recognised in the trial correspond to Raniere and at least two Mexican women: Loreta Garza and Daniela Padilla.

The audios were presented on May 21, the day it became clear that Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Betancourt, and all high-level Mexicans were aware of the creation and operation of the new slave group, as well as their marking ceremonies.

NXIVM Co-Founder Raniere’s Trial Begins Today

This phone call between Salinas and a former Mexican member was recorded in the summer of 2017, at least 7 months before Emiliano’s resignation from the organisation and before he issued a statement denying his knowledge of sect practises.

Keith Raniere’s victims, at least two of whom became pregnant by him as minors, testified as witnesses throughout the rest of the trial. They are both Mexican. All of them referred to Emiliano Salinas and the other Mexicans involved as people close to Ranieri who knew, endorsed, and in some cases were a part of the organization’s operation and secrets. They are not currently facing any criminal charges.


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