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The Wisconsin trial of obsessed ex-boyfriend Zachariah Anderson — who is accused of murdering his ex’s new lover — continues as the jury hears the twelfth day of testimony from witnesses.

Investigators claim Anderson stalked his ex-girlfriend, Sadie Beacham, for weeks — putting a burner phone in her car and using a GPS tracker to watch and listen to the new couple. Detectives found Rosalio Gutierrez Jr.’s blood in Anderson’s van, and cadaver dogs found pieces of clothing and a bleach bottle in a burn pit on his property, authorities said. Gutierrez’s body has never been found.

This week’s testimony has included some highlights from Anderson’s daughter and ex-girlfriend.

Anderson’s daughter testified her father allegedly had a marijuana grow operation set up in his Wisconsin home. The 15-year-old stated she also observed what appeared to be a jar of mushrooms where the butter was normally put inside his refrigerator.

A friend of Beacham said obsessive ex-boyfriend Anderson showed up at the home of Anderson’s former lover while she was on vacation on March 5, 2020. “The defendant was standing at the end of the couch just smiling at me,” she said.

Beachum also testified in a Wisconsin court that she was harassed at two in the morning while her new love interest was sleeping over. Beachum said her home was ding dong ditched and her guest, Gutierrez, believed that his car was broken into. The next day, Beachum said she spoke with Anderson, who knew facts about the sleepover that no one would know unless they were there.

Last week, jurors heard testimony from Anderson’s former cellmate. The cellmate, Marquan Washington, said Anderson admitted to the murder. “He told me they called him Houdini because of his case, and he basically made a body disappear,” Washington said.

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