Malaysia Sells Mercury-Containing Facial Cream Online- A Boom


The obsession with fair skin and face cream (which mostly has been found to contain mercury) among Asians dates back to ancient times when having light skin was a symbol of wealth and status. It indicated that a person had the luxury of not having to work outside under the scorching sun and could afford to hire laborers to do so. However, with the rise of skin-whitening products, this culture has persisted, and many people still believe that having fair skin is more desirable than having a darker complexion.

While using skin whitening products to achieve a lighter complexion is acceptable, it is crucial to ensure that the ingredients in the products are safe for your skin. Unfortunately, some products on the market can be harmful and have dangerous levels of chemicals such as this cosmetic brand, which can have adverse effects on your health.

Fascination with White Skin

A recent report from Singapore found that a popular facial cream called Royal Expert Whitening Cream contained a dangerously high level of harmful chemicals, 3,600 times the allowable level. The cream is also being sold on online platforms in Malaysia, and people should exercise caution when purchasing skincare products.

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore has ordered all online retailers to remove their listings of the Royal Expert Whitening Cream. Vendors who disobey this order could face severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines of up to S$100,000.

The risks of Mercury

Mercury exposure can have negative effects on health. Families of individuals who use products containing mercury are also at risk. Your family could be exposed to mercury when you use these products by inhaling mercury vapors or by using items like towels or washcloths that have been contaminated with mercury.

Some people are more susceptible to mercury toxicity than others, including expectant mothers, nursing infants, and young children. The damage mercury can do to developing brains and nervous systems may be especially sensitive in babies. As a result of mercury being transferred into breast milk, nursing newborns are at risk.

Mercury tainted Face Creams

Mercury is a toxic substance that can cause skin discoloration, blotching, and rash, and it can also be absorbed through the skin and affect the kidneys and nervous system. It is essential to read the ingredient labels on skincare products and ensure that they do not contain any prohibited substances.

In Malaysia, there are several online retailers that sell the Royal Expert Whitening Cream, but it is unknown whether they contain high levels of mercury. The product’s distributor, Ortus Expert White (OEW) Group, has said that they will investigate the matter and disclose the results once the investigation is complete.

It is crucial to only purchase skincare products from reliable and trustworthy retailers to ensure that they are safe for use. Consumers should be aware of the potential risks associated with using skin whitening products and take necessary precautions to protect their health.

The Symptoms and Signs of Mercury Poisoning

·      irritability

·      tremors

·      a change in vision or hearing

·      memory issues

·      depression

·      twitching and numbness in the hands, feet, or

How to Help Protect Oneself

Wash mercury-containing products off your hands and body.

Consult a doctor or clinic. Seal mercury-containing products before discarding them. For disposal instructions, contact your local environmental, health, or solid waste agency. Some cities have hazardous household waste collections.

In conclusion, the obsession with fair skin among Asians has persisted for centuries, and with the rise of skin whitening products, it is essential to ensure that the ingredients in these products are safe for use. The recent discovery of high levels of mercury in the Royal Expert Whitening Cream highlights the need for consumers to exercise caution when purchasing skincare products and only buy from reliable and trustworthy retailers. Your health should always come first, and it is better to have a healthy complexion than a lighter one that could potentially harm your health.


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