Ex-Quinn partner Mark Hastings Starts his Own Business after Being Fired for Misconduct

Mark Hastings
Mark Hastings
mark hastings exits quinn emannuel
Mark Hastings

Mark Hastings, a former partner of Quinn Emmanuel who was dismissed in 2018 due to allegations of “inappropriate behaviour,” has recently launched his new law firm, Quillon Law. The news has stirred up controversy and speculation, given that Hastings was fired from his previous job due to misconduct claims, which he denies.

A Little Background on Mark Hastings

Mark Hastings is a tenacious, strategically-focused, and commercially astute disputes solicitor known for his work as a commercial litigator, particularly in complex civil fraud cases. Prior to starting Quillon Law, he worked as a partner at two well-known international law firms, one of which he headed the civil fraud department. For more than 20 years, he has handled every facet of complex commercial litigation in the City of London and abroad.

In 2018, Quinn Emmanuel conducted an internal investigation into allegations made by two staff members against Mark Hastings. The law firm stated that it “will not tolerate abusive behaviour from anyone within the firm” and promptly expelled Hastings with immediate effect and without compensation. However, Quinn Emmanuel did not disclose the specifics of the allegations.

In 2020, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) closed the case against Hastings with no further action, which Hastings described as a relief after two stressful years. He vehemently denied the allegations made against him and has been waiting to clear his name publicly.

However, Hastings’ new law firm’s launch did not mention his previous dismissal and the allegations made against him. Instead, Quillon Law’s press release focused on Hastings’ previous work and his new firm’s potential to offer a unique legal service.

Interestingly, Mark Hastings and his co-founders reportedly chose the name Quillon Law without checking if any other law firms had already adopted the name. As it turns out, an Indian law firm named Quillon Partners already had the name. The similarity between the names of Hastings’ former firm, Quinn Emmanuel, and his new one, Quillon Law, has also been noted.

While it remains unclear if Hastings’ previous dismissal had any impact on his new firm’s name, it has raised eyebrows in the legal community. Some have speculated that Mark Hastings may have harbored some resentment towards his former employer, while others have simply seen it as a coincidence.

Regardless of the origins of the name, it is likely that Quillon Law and Quillon Partners will now compete for top rankings in Google searches, given their similar names. Quillon Partners’ CEO has expressed amusement at the coincidence and even suggested that they would be willing to exchange notes with Quillon Law on how they arrived at their respective names.

The SRA is looking into Hastings, according to a spokesperson, who added: “We are investigating before deciding on appropriate action.” The SRA is still debating whether to look into Quinn Emanuel’s handling of the situation.

Partner Daniel Astaire of Grosvenor said in a statement: “Mark is an excellent practitioner, and his appointment strengthens our expanding team. Concerning alleged issues with another firm, no comments will be made.

Hastings spent seven years as a partner at Addleshaws and was head of civil fraud before joining Quinn. He represented oligarch Boris Berezovsky in a number of high-profile cases, including a $6 billion commercial court dispute with Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich. He was one of the firm’s most well-known attorneys.

Bill Voge, the former chair of Latham & Watkins, admitted to having “communications of a sexual nature” with a woman he met through a Christian support group. A Baker McKenzie partner was also fired from the firm after allegations that he assaulted a female associate several years ago.

In conclusion, while Hastings’ new venture has garnered attention, the controversy surrounding his previous dismissal and the similarity between his former and current firm’s names has added to the intrigue. Only time will tell if Quillon Law can establish itself as a unique legal service and distance itself from its founder’s past.


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