Missing man who was found dead in rolled-up rug died of accidental drug overdose: Coroner



Nathan Millard, 42, was found dead the early morning of March 6, 2023, police said. (Image: Texas EquuSearch)

Nathan Millard, the missing Georgia man found dead in a rolled-up rug in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had died of an accidental drug overdose, a coroner’s office said, according to WBRZ.

Three people have been charged in connection with his death. Derrick Perkins, 45, was the first one charged. Police claim he hid the body and used the victim’s debit card at different businesses. Tabbetha Barner was charged with prostitution and failure to seek assistance. Tiffany Ann Guidry is charged with unlawful disposal of human remains, prostitution, and failure to seek assistance.

Baton Rouge cops announced getting an anonymous tip about Guidry and finding her standing on the corner of Nicholson Drive and Terrance Street.

Police said on March 10, 2023 that they wanted to speak to Derrick Perkins (pictured here) about Nathan Millard's disappearance and death. (Image: Baton Rouge Police Department)

Police said on March 10, 2023, that they wanted to speak to Derrick Perkins (pictured here) about Nathan Millard’s disappearance and death. (Image: Baton Rouge Police Department)

As previously reported, Millard was visiting Baton Rouge from Covington, Georgia, for what was supposed to be a brief work trip. He was last seen in the early morning of Feb. 23, authorities said. He eventually turned up dead and rolled up in a rug in a vacant lot on Scenic Boulevard on March 6.

Perkins allegedly told police he, Millard, and two people (only identified as L.M. and C.) spent hours riding around in his vehicle doing crack cocaine, officers said in the WBRZ report. They eventually split with the two individuals at a gas station because Millard voiced concern L.M. and C. might have been trying to “set him up to rob him,” Perkins allegedly claimed.

According to him, Millard said he wanted a “white girl” and “to go somewhere safe.” Perkins allegedly said he and Millard picked up Guidry in that area before going to a nearby convenience store to get cash, WBRZ reported. From there, the three went to a home a few blocks away. Perkins soon after went out and picked up Barner from her home and took her back to the residence on Lorri Burgess Avenue where Millard and Guidry were. Perkins then claimed to have stepped outside because Millard and the women started shooting up drugs with a syringe, officers said. (He allegedly said he cringed at that sort of thing.)

Perkins allegedly said that the other three had him pick up things from a store using Millard’s debit card, officers said. He allegedly said he smoked crack cocaine on the front porch while waiting for the three to stop having sex. After sunrise, Barner asked for more drugs, he allegedly said. Perkins later returned to the residence, and Barner ran out saying Millard died, he said, according to police. He applied the emergency medicine Narcan in an attempt to save the man, but it failed, he said in the police version of events.

In his alleged account, Barner left, and it was he and his Guidry who got rid of the body.

Tabbetha Barner (left) and Tiffany Ann Guidry. (Images: Baton Rouge Police Department)

Tabbetha Barner (left) and Tiffany Ann Guidry. (Images: Baton Rouge Police Department)

According to cops, they questioned Barner, who denied meeting Millard. She allegedly said Perkins showed up at her home seeking Narcan. She said she tried to go with him to help but Guidry was in the front passenger seat and the backseat was too cluttered for her to sit.

Cops asked anyone with information on Barner’s whereabouts to call the Armed Robbery Division at 225-389-3866 or Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867.

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