NXIVM- All Members of the Sexual Sect from Mexico

The inner circle of Keith Raniere, head of NXIVM, a sexual sect concealed as a self-help group, included at least 11 people from Mexico.

Keith Raniere and NXIVM's Sexual Sect

Keith Raniere and NXIVM Sex Sect

Keith Raniere is being prosecuted in the United States for using his organisation NXIVM as a sexual sect. In this sect, women were branded like cattle, forced to be sexual slaves, and extorted so that they would not tell what was happening within the group. Raniere is being tried for using NXIVM as a sexual sect.

Within NXIVM, there was another covert organisation known as DOS (which translates to “Dominant Over Submissive” in Spanish). This sexual sect was orchestrated by Raniere’s inner circle using a hierarchical organisational structure.

According to the authorities in the United States, Keith has a close circle of 25 people, 11 of whom are Mexican, making up almost half of the group.

It is important to point out that Mexico was the location where the primary branch of this sexual sect, which operated in other countries under the guise of a self-help group, first established itself.

The Mexicans are prominent members of NXIVM, holding positions as businessmen, children of former presidents, and owners of communication companies. They are also Raniere’s “favourite slaves.”

Emilio Salinas, the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, is one of the most trusted people in Raniere’s inner circle and is the most important Mexican in Keith’s criminal structure. Emilio is also the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. He established and led the NXIVM organisation in Mexico during its early years.

According to Aristegui Noticias, which cites data from the Tax Administration System, Emilio Salinas is even accused of raising 9.5 million pesos to finance the filming and promotion of the movie “Ignite the Heart,” which is about Keith Raniere himself (SAT).

According to the authorities in the United States, Salinas was not the only person in charge of running NXIVM in Mexico; Alex Betancourt, a partner of the son of the previous president, was also in charge of the organisation.

It has been alleged that Betancourt obtained compromising photographs of the sex slaves known as “Collateral,” the purpose of which was to exert pressure or blackmail on those involved so that they would not violate the confidentiality agreement they had signed and devote themselves even further to the sect, as was indicated. The majority of the photographs featured the sex slaves in their pants. courtesy of Mark Vicente, who serves as the official photographer for NXIVM corporate events.

Jack Levy, a real estate businessman from Jalisco, is linked to both Keith’s inner circle and Salinas’ and Betancourt’s inner circles. Levy is also very close to both of these individuals.

One of the Mexicans who is most directly involved in the case of the Keith Raniere sexual sect is Rosa Laura Junco, the daughter of the owner of the Reforma newspaper. Junco is one of the most directly involved Mexicans.

Junco was the one who invited the women to become a part of the DOS group, in which they ended up as sexual slaves and/or were branded as cattle with the initials “KR,” a reference to the leader of the NXIVM group. Junco was the one who invited the women to become a part of the DOS group.

In only one of the hearings in the Raniere case, where one of the victims recounted what happened in the sect, the surname “Junco” was repeated seven times, while the name “Rosa Laura” came up shine in 45 times, according to Noticieros Televisa. This information was provided by Noticieros Televisa.

Due to the extent of his involvement, Junco is ranked as the fifth most powerful member of the DOS. He is also in charge of safeguarding the “Collateral” and owns a property that was used as the sect’s administrative centre.

There are seven additional Mexican women whose names stand out as being prominent in Raniere’s inner circle; however, the implications of their presence have not been elaborated upon. Despite the fact that Daniela Padilla Bergeron, Loreta Garza, Ivy Nevares, Mónica Duran, Camila, Mariana, and Daniela might be sexual slaves or partners of Ketih himself, they could also be Daniela Padilla Bergeron.

Four of these seven women, namely Daniela Padilla Bergeron, Loreta Garza, Mónica Duran, and Camila, as well as Rosa herself, Laura Junco, are named as members of a smaller group of eight women who are said to have been members of the DOS. These women were either dominant or submissive members of the DOS.

To this day, none of the Mexicans identified by US authorities have been summoned to testify, and there is no open investigation file that has been made public regarding the matter.


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