The Ayton Family Office- A Question of Trust?

The Ayton Family Office
The Ayton Family Office
the ayton family
Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton – patriarch of the Ayton family and managing director of a company that defrauded pension savers out of millions of pounds, all while holding a made- up MBA and debatable work history – has become well-known in certain circles. What about his family, though, and their reputedly mysterious 900-year-old trust?

The website of the Ayton Family Office Trust is a succinct and (as is typical of the Aytons) poorly written foray into the history of a seemingly illustrious family that has held positions of trust with the British royal family and played a significant role in Anglo-Scottish relations throughout the Middle Ages.

The Aytons have held positions of trust with the British royal family and played a significant role in Anglo-Scottish relations. There is even a family crest, which is something that one would anticipate seeing from such a purportedly wealthy family tree.

Who is the Ayton Family Originally?

“Ayton family trust is Ultra Discrete Private Wealth Trust of one of Europe’s oldest Noble Families,” it says on their website. “Ayton family trust” is one of the oldest noble families in Europe. It’s been around for more than 900 years.”

The Ayton Family History
The Family History

This most definitely piques my interest. After conducting an investigation into the Aytons and their business practices in the past, we found that when allegedly assisting startup founders in raising capital through Chainstarter, the Aytons never mentioned their family office or family history.

Family Office activities, such as ventures or event sponsorship. It is not clear why a family office would choose to sponsor a get-together for other family offices. However, very little of this has to do with Ayton’s business practises. Where exactly do you suggest we get started with the Ayton Family Office? It would appear that their ancestral home, Ayton Castle, would make for an excellent setting, as was suggested on their website.

Ayton Castle is located in Berwickshire, Scotland, and is owned by the Baron of Ayton. This is a distinguishing characteristic of Scottish titles; it means that the title is transferred to the person who owns the house as well as the estate that is connected to it. It is abundantly clear that Nick is the head of the

Ayton family given the fact, that Nick’s family office flaunts the Ayton family home on their website. Incorrect, that is not the situation. In point of fact, not in the least. Who exactly holds that title, then? Ian Liddell-Grainger is a member of the House of Commons.

His family has been in possession of the title for more than a century. Nick Ayton and his family are unable to make the claim that Ayton Castle has ever been a part of their family’s history, and it is highly unlikely that they are descendants of the Baron of Ayton.

There is absolutely no connection between the Aytons and Ayton Castle. They only share a surname and a Scottish town. The inclusion of Ayton Castle on the Ayton Family Office website is thus a clear attempt to mislead and hijack a family history that does not even exist.

The Aytons do not have a distinguished family history. Their recent history is dubious at best; for example, Nick Ayton was close friends with the person who was made to look bad for the massive pension fraud he was involved in, and he illegally raised money through his initial coin offering (ICO) for the 21MILLION

project by selling securities. Additionally, his LinkedIn profile is rife with fabrications and lies (the University de la Romande doesn’t appear to have ever existed, so it has never offered an MBA).

Nick, the head of the Ayton Family, is not listed on the website, which is clearly an attempt to deflect attention away from this family office scam. However, who in that instance is in charge of managing the Ayton Family Office trust?


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