Wife turned in husband after spotting hidden camera in guest bathroom: Cops



Ryan Rovito hid a camera in his guest bathroom and possessed more than 900 images of child pornography, police said. (Image: Redding Police Department)

A California man hid a camera in his guest bathroom and was found in possession of more than 900 images of child pornography, according to cops in the city of Redding. His wife turned him in after discovering the device, officers claim.

Police said the woman contacted them in March. She said she discovered a hidden camera in her home’s guest bathroom. She confronted her husband Ryan Rovito, 34, about the device, officers said.

“Mr. Rovito admitted knowledge of the camera but vowed to remove and discard it,” officers wrote. “The wife seized the camera and hard drive it had been connected to before Mr. Rovito destroyed it and subsequently contacted the Redding Police Department, fearing Mr. Rovito had nefariously recorded their young children using the bathroom. Redding Police Detectives obtained a search warrant for the electronics, and High-Tech Crimes Detectives performed a preliminary forensic analysis of the items.”

Investigators claimed to find more than 900 images of child pornography. The hidden camera contained footage of people, including kids, using the bathroom, according to officers.

“The videos showed children and adults using the bathroom who did not appear to know they were being recorded,” cops said.

Police said they got an arrest warrant and took him into custody during a traffic stop Thursday morning. He was charged for the child pornography and recording people with the hidden camera, officers said.

From cops:

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Redding Police Department at 530-225-4200.

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