What Are the Benefits of Hosting a Meeting to Discuss Alternatives to Traditional?

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meeting, sec report

The agenda for next week’s meeting of the Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission was posted today.

Meeting of Advisory Committee report

The Committee will review the role of equity research for smaller public businesses and investors, as well as alternative methods of private company financing and the Commission’s proposal for private fund advisers, starting in February 2022. The meeting will be televised life on www.sec.gov, so interested parties can tune in from anywhere.

The committee will begin the morning session by discussing revenue-based financing and other alternatives to the conventional bank or venture capital funding for smaller private companies. The Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Commission on rules, regulations, and policy matters relating to small businesses.

At the conclusion of the morning session, the Committee will talk about the proposed new regulations and modifications from the Commission regarding the regulation of private fund advisers and hear from invited speakers on how this proposal may affect early-stage venture capital funds.

During the afternoon session, the Committee will discuss the current state of broker-dealer firm investment research on public companies, including its impact on liquidity for smaller public companies, how the analysis reaches investors and the value of such research. The committee will gain access to market data and expert analysis from the panel.

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