Empowering Small Business: Advisory Committee to Convene Meeting on Innovative Alternatives to Traditional Private Company Financing, Progressive Fund Reforms, and Inspiring Public Company Investment Research

The agenda for the meeting of the Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee, which will take place on February 7th, was published today by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Empowering Small Business

Small Business Empowerment

The Committee will talk about different ways to finance private companies, the proposal the Commission made in February 2022 regarding private fund advisers, and the importance of equity research for investors and smaller public companies. Webcasts of the meeting are available for viewing on the website for the Securities and Exchange Commission (www.sec.gov).

The Committee, which offers the Commission advice and recommendations on matters of rules, regulations, and policy relating to small businesses, will begin the morning session by investigating revenue-based financing and other alternatives to traditional bank or venture capital funding for smaller private companies.

The Committee is responsible for providing the Commission with advice and recommendations on rules, regulations, and policy matters relating to small businesses. The morning session will come to a close with the Committee having a discussion on the proposed new rules and amendments related to the regulation of private fund advisors by the Commission.

In addition, the Committee will listen to invited panelists discuss how the proposal may have an effect on early-stage venture capital funds.

The Committee will conduct an investigation into the current availability of public company investment research that has been prepared by broker-dealer firms during the afternoon session. This investigation will focus on the impact that the availability of this research has on the liquidity of smaller public companies, how the analysis is disseminated to investors, and the importance of this research to investors. The committee will benefit from the panelists’ sharing of market data and insights.

On the Committee website, you can get access to the complete agenda, as well as the meeting materials and instructions on how to watch the meeting online.

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