Updated SEC List of Soliciting Entities Investors with Inaccurate Information

soliciting entities, Securities and Exchange Commission
soliciting entities, Securities and Exchange Commission report

The SEC said that it has added 96 soliciting entities, three fake versions of real companies, and five fake regulators to its list of unregistered entities that use false information to try to get mostly non-U.S. investors to invest.

List of soliciting entities Investors Report

Investors can protect themselves from fraud by looking at the SEC‘s Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities (PAUSE) list, which has the names of soliciting entities about which individual investors have complained.SEC officials have recently added companies whose affiliation, location, or registration information turned out to be wrong.

Companies in the United States that want to attract investors usually have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and follow certain financial criteria as well as rules about reporting, disclosing information, and keeping records.

The SEC‘s Chief of Market Intelligence, Jose M. Rodriguez, commented, “This newest update to the PAUSE list underscores the Commission’s continuous endeavour to protect retail investors across all investment products—including crypto asset securities.” “The PAUSE initiative has been a consistent source of useful data for investors,” the authors write.

In addition to warning investors about securities businesses that aren’t actually registered, the PAUSE list also identifies companies that are pretending to be regulators so that they can steal money from investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission has not passed judgment on the value of any securities being sold, and the inclusion of a company on the PAUSE list does not indicate that any violations of U.S. federal securities laws have occurred.

The Office of Market Intelligence keeps track of the PAUSE list, and the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and the Office of Foreign Affairs make regular changes to it.

Ways to avoid harm:

Public notices issued by the SEC and CFTC can be found at.


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