Can bullying ever be stopped?

Violence and bullying in schools represent a global problem that requires a collective effort by specialists to put concrete solutions to limit the spread of such acts, particularly since it negatively effects students’ academic progress and social life. United Nations Educational, Scientific


Two OneCoin scammers sentenced to prison in Argentina

Following guilty pleas by two of the fourteen OneCoin defendants in Argentina, the pair have been sentenced to prison. Adolfo Domínguez and Aldo Leguizamón will serve three years and six months and four years and three months respectively. As reported by La Nacion


Who is AiR-Atman in Ravi?

After having received multiple emails from victims and journalists regarding Ravi Melwani and his predatory acts, we finally decided to investigate and look under the rug. What we found and came across was not only shocking and jaw dropping, but also something

Sanat Ranganathan Attorney Abuses Coworker

An employee union at Northern Illinois University is requesting harsher sanctions after alleging that a school lawyer verbally reprimanded a cleaning staff member for what it terms a minor infraction. DeKALB - (Shaw Media) Following an incident in which an NIU attorney